Bac Viet Group Year End Party 2016

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Sau bao ngày làm việc mệt mỏi, cuối năm là dịp để mọi người tổ chức những buổi tiệc tạm biệt năm cũ, cung đón năm mới cũng như chúc...

After days of tiring work, the year-end is an opportunity for people to organize goodbye parties for the old year, to welcome the new year as well as to congratulate the success of the long journey that they have made. With this meaning, the North Vietnamese companies held a grand Tet holiday on January 25, 2017 with many sports and music activities, giving employees the opportunity to gather together and tighten. solidarity. This year, the Company has shown its scale and professionalism than previous years, and the awards have increased many times more.

Company leaders open the program with champagne ceremony
Staff toast to a successful year and to celebrate a more successful year
Commending the excellent workers of 2016
With the tradition of BVG so far, besides the production and business activities, the Board of Directors is very interested in the field of Culture and Sports, to train the intellectual and physical strength for the siblings. .
Images of employees participating in football exchange between Bacviet companies

Seemingly forgetting all the hardships and fatigue, the members of the North Vietnamese were immersed and sublime in exciting sports, arts and games.

Images of employees participating in tug of war game – one of the traditional sports activities at the annual annual ceremony of the Company


Although at the end of the year, the Company had to prepare for many common activities, so all employees of the departments were struggling, only 1 week to prepare the repertoire as well as the stage and the show, but it was quite a surprise. is the most repertoire are attractive, monumental beyond expectation. This also causes BGK no less strenuous when deciding to select the winning repertoire.

The items are cleverly integrated, shimmering artistic nature, and expressing the content idea.

The collective performance of the Company’s office staff
Solo performance: “Story of the New Year” of Mold factory representative
In addition to the musical performances, the auditorium also experienced extremely nervous emotions during the lucky draw program with many very attractive gifts.

Board of Directors gives lucky draw gifts to employees

Received warm cheers from the audience
In addition to the traditional music and sports repertoire, this year there is also a Mini game “Who is smart” which brings a lot of laughter before the moment of preparing to welcome the new year, promising lots of fun. and win.

Eager to participate in the game “Who’s smart”
Through the activity, all employees are more excited, excited and ready for their 2017 mission.

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